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Mike Karwan

    Mike is the director of the New Britain Senior Center. He is responsible for just about everything that goes on here. He coordinates various programs, especially the computer program), in which seniors have recently become very interested in.

Nancy Cleveland

    Nancy is the activities coordinator at NBSC. Some of her responsibilities are the Trip and Travel) section, as well as the volunteer program) and many other activities. She is the monthly editor of the NBSC news letter "Golden Notes" as well.


Dennis Oakes

    Dennis Oakes, the coordinator of Dial-a-Ride, sets up the schedules, maintains the money, keeps track of the months of service. Questions about Dial-a-Ride can be answered at the front desk.

Chris Kusia

    Chris Kusia is the coordinator of the Exercise and Dance Programs. In the Exercise Program, she organizes the types of exercises and also sets up a schedule for the exercises. In the Dance Program, she choreographs the steps and picks out appropriate music to dance by.


George Nowak

    George is the head of the arts department here at NBSC. He is a terrific painter and does a fine job helping the seniors become better artists.

Mary Bugnacki

    As an additional resource, New Britain Senior Center offers Mary Bugnacki. Mrs. Bugnacki is a skilled counselor employed by Catholic Family Services as a family and marriage counselor. She helps seniors adjust to aging, anxiety, and other pressures; she relaxes seniors and helps them to enjoy their lives by promoting physical and mental health. Occasionally, Mrs. Bugnacki offers workshops. Mrs. Bugnacki is available every Wednesday to counsel, advice, or just to talk, and of course, there is no charge.

Ricky Schless

    Ricky works for the Visiting Nurse Association (as well as for the NBSC). She promotes good health and councils seniors about their diets, symptoms of illness, and common problems related to aging, among others. Ricky can take your blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs, check your weight, urine, as well as screen your blood for various problem areas. This program is open to any senior over 60 years of age living in New Britain. It is open daily by appointment, except for walk-ins on Monday and Thursday. Hours: Mon-Wed; 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thurs - Fri; 8:30 a.m. - noon.